About Us

Welcome to Global Marriages :)

We are an independently knowed, strategic and creative agency - forever ready to transform the way business is done. We are a leading International Travel Operator.  For over 28 years, Saraogi Nepal Travels in Kathmandu, Nepal and Saraogi India Travels in Kolkata, India have helped people to cover their chosen worldwide destinations. Our packages and rates have no comparison as we are number 1 tour operator for Nepal in b2b. We have our very own Fashion hub of Panash that has exclusive boutique, antique jewellery and bags based in Kingsway, Nepal. We are also in  Saraogi Construction Business in Bihar and Jharkhand with team of international architects for any residential, commercial, complex, hotels, government and private projects, resorts, bungalow areas, etc & now finally, We are so looking forward to starting this new chapter of uniting people.

Our Intention

Love makes us want to shout from the rooftops! why not put it on a website? You never know where you may find love! So, presenting you this process that has a fusion of old matchmaking principles with integration of modern technology.

Our Motto 

Through out the history of wedding sites, this would reach to be the most actionable one as it would be providing services that are tailored to suit different people, personality, religion and standards as marriages are for ever after.